Repurposing your Santa Suit  

Why not make Christmas decorations 

from your old Santa suit.....

You can make Christmas decorations to hang on your tree or make bunting.

Here is what you need:

 (You can use the waist tie from your Santa suit trousers or the belt instead of  ribbon to hang your bunting from!)

Making your own Christmas Tree or Bunting Decorations

The decorations are made out of the red and white Santa suit material, and and also stuffed with the Santa suit material that will be leftover from when you cut out around your templates. Add a few decorations like buttons, bells, rick rack, sequins and beads etc. We used the cord from the trousers to hang the bunting on.

First cut out your cardboard templates.  Place on a suitable spot on the Santa Suit. Draw around it. Then cut it out - You can either use two pieces together if you want to sew/glue around it or just use one piece.  

If you use two pieces then you will need to sew/glue around the edges.  If you wish to stuff your decoration then you can cut up the remnants from around your template to use.  You will need to leave a gap to put your filling in before finishing sewing/glueing around the edge.  Decorate as you wish.  

If you are making bunting as suggested the belt will make a great ribbon.  

Happy Crafting - Merry Christmas one and all