Frequently Asked Question's

We have drawn up these FAQs from questions that have been asked over the years, if the answer to your query is not here then please email us at and we’ll try to resolve it.


Q. When does registration open?

A.  1st September each year

Q.  Can I register on the day of the Santa Dash?

A.  No, all registration must be completed before the day, please see the website for the last day for registering

Q. Can I register after the closing date on the website?

A.  Please email and we’ll try to help

Q.  I’m having difficulty applying online

A.  Please email and we’ll try to help

Q. Can I register children and adults at the same time?

A.  Yes, the registration link takes you to the Race Nation website which allows for all entrants to be registered and paid for at the same time

Q.  I’m over 12 years of age can I do the field event?

A.  Yes, if you prefer to, the entrance fee is age dependant please see the appropriate age range for the  cost, only 12 years and above can go on the road.

Mini Dash:

Q.  My child is in a pushchair can they still take part in the field event?

A.  Yes, no problem, we have quite a few pushchair entries.  It’s on grass so it might be a bit soft for the wheels!

Q.  My child is taking part in the Mini Dash, do I need to pay to accompanying them around the course.

A.  No, if however, you would like to purchase a Santa suit to get into the spirit of the event please email and request a suit

Q.  Do I have to accompany my child around the course for the Mini Dash?

A.  No, it’s entirely up to you, you know your child best, the field is quite safe, and the course is fully visible, however they do all look the same!

Q.  Do I need to stay on the field whilst my child participates in the ‘Mini Dash’

A.  Yes, all children must always have an accompanying responsible adult with them

Q. The Mini Dash course is a mile, does my child have to do all of it.

A.  No, two laps of the course complete the mile, children can stop at any point.  All we want is for them to  enjoy themselves and no matter how far they run they all get a medal.

Road Event:

Q. Can a 12 to16-year-old enter the road events?

A.  Yes, if accompanied by an adult on the 5 mile route and on their own with parents permission on the 5km.N the entire route

Q.  Can my dog accompany me on the road course?

A.  Yes, providing it’s kept on a short leash, so as not to become a trip hazard to other participants.  Any  fouling must be cleared up at the time, to prevent it being a hazard to others, so please carry the appropriate bags with you

Q.  Can I take part in my mobility scooter/wheelchair?

A.  Yes, no problem, all we would advise is that you start from the road as the field can be quite soft and  we wouldn’t like you to get stuck before you’ve started!

Suit Collection: 

Q.  When can I collect my suit and running number?

A.  You will receive an email and details will also be on the website giving the when and where.  This usually commences on the Monday two weeks prior to the ‘Dash’ and up to the day before the event

Q.  Can I collect my Santa suit on the day?

A.  No, sorry we do not have the manpower for this and there are no changing facilities available, please see your email and the website for collection points, dates, and times.

At the event facilities:

Q.  Are there parking facilities?

A.  Parking is very restricted so we would be grateful if you could either be dropped off or walk to the ground

Q.  Is there anywhere to leave personal belongings whilst I take part

A.  Yes, we operate a bag drop, but all items are left at the owners’ risk

Q.  Is food and drink available on site?

A.  Yes, Saltford Sport Club is open for members and guests, and we will have a food station and a coffee van on site.


Q.  I would like to support a different charity to the one that the event is supporting is this, ok?

A.  Obviously we would like as many people as possible to support our chosen registered charities but we do appreciate that participants in our event have charities that are close to their hearts so we have no objection to you raising funds for your choice of beneficiary.  We should be very grateful if you would let us know how much you raised and for what charity, this will help us assess the overall benefit of the event to the community

Q. Can I use your sponsor form for a different charity?

A. No, our form is charity specific, please contact the charity you wish to support we’re sure they’ll be able to help

Q. Can I get sponsored so gift aid can be obtained by the charity?

A. Yes, you can either do this through Race Nation or email and request a sponsor form for the charity you wish to support and we’ll email one to you

Q. Can I make donations whether I’m taking part or not

A. Yes, you’ll find a charity link on the Race Nation website